Hasil Akreditasi Jurnal Ilmiah Periode I Tahun 2023 Berdasarkan Surat Keputusan Direktur Jenderal Pendidikan Tinggi, Riset, dan Teknologi Nomor 79/E/KPT/2023, tanggal 11 Mei 2023 tentang Peringkat Akreditasi Jurnal Ilmiah periode I Tahun 2023,  Jurnal Ekombis Review: Jurnal Ilmu Ekonomi dan Bisnis, Naik Peringkat dari Peringkat 4 ke Peringkat 3 mulai Volume 10 Nomor 2 Tahun 2022 sampai Volume 15 Nomor 1 Tahun 2027




    We appreciate the research activities that you provide as an effort to actualize researchers and academics. The EKOMBIS REVIEW journal invites you to participate in the Call for Papers for the March 2022 Special Issue to enliven the 14th Anniversary of the University of Dehasen Bengkulu.

    Writing instructions can also be downloaded on the EKOMBIS REVIEW website (http://jurnal.unived.ac.id/index.php/er). Article submissions can be made on the website by filling in a comment to the editor of "Special Issue 14 Years Anniversary of the University of Dehasen Bengkulu". Important Date: Deadline for submission of papers: February 28, 2022. Manuscripts have not been published or are in the process of being published to other publishers. Thus we convey this invitation. We look forward to your participation in the Call for Papers EKOMBIS REVIEW: Special Economic and Business Scientific Journal Issue March 2022. We thank you for your attention.

    EKOMBIS REVIEW: Scientific Journal of Economics and Business

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