Pengaruh Bahasa Gaul (SLANG) Terhadap Bahasa Indonesia Pada Generasi Muda

  • Nurasiah Anggini North Sumatera State Islamic University
  • Nabila Yun Afifah Study Program of English Language Study, North Sumatera State Islamic University
  • Edi Syaputra Faculty of Tarbiyah and Teacher Training, North Sumatera State Islamic University
Keywords: Indonesian, Slang


This research was developed based on the problems that exist in adolescents. This study aims to develop and find out the language used by today's youth. Language is the hallmark of a country as a means of communication. Everyone must need language in interacting with fellow human beings, expressing ideas and even opinions and other social discussion relationships. With the development of the era, the language spoken by teenagers today is slang. Slang is not only used by teenagers, even parents also use it both in writing and verbally, formally and informally. This results in the use of language being not good and correct. We should be able to use Indonesian properly and correctly, therefore Indonesian remains the national language and is maintained. Slang is the typical language of teenagers "the words are changed in such a way, so that it can be understood among them only". This can be understood by all Indonesian teenagers who are reached by the mass media, even though these terms are developing, changing and increasing almost every day. Slang will continue to evolve. As for the characteristics of slang, the factors that support the prevalence of slang among teenagers, the influence of slang on Indonesian and the influence of the use of slang. If we have used good and correct Indonesian, the people around us will be infected too. 210.


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Anggini, N., Afifah, N., & Syaputra, E. (2022). Pengaruh Bahasa Gaul (SLANG) Terhadap Bahasa Indonesia Pada Generasi Muda. Jurnal Multidisiplin Dehasen (MUDE), 1(3), 143–148.