AGRITEPA: Jurnal Ilmu dan Teknologi Pertanian is a scientific communication media which is issued by Agribusiness Study Program and Agricultural Food Technology Study Program, Faculty of Agriculture, Universitas Dehasen in collaborations with Asosiasi Jurnal Pertanian Indonesia (AJPI). AGRITEPA: Jurnal Ilmu dan Teknologi Pertanian  is a peer-reviewed journal. Publisher by Unived Press, Universitas Dehasen Bengkulu. AGRITEPA: Jurnal Ilmu dan Teknologi Pertanian is dedicated to researchers and academics intent on publishing research paper, technical paper, conceptual paper and case study reports. Scientific periodic publication on Agricultural Food Technology, Agribusiness, Agricultural Socio-Economics and Business issue as media for information dissemination of research result for lecturer, researcher and practitioner. AGRITEPA: Jurnal Ilmu dan Teknologi Pertanian , p-ISSN 2407-1315 and e-ISSN 2722-1881 in a year published twice year. 

AGRITEPA: Jurnal Ilmu dan Teknologi Pertanian, the authors are required to register in advance and upload the manuscript online. The process of the manuscript could be monitored through OJS. Authors, readers, editorial boards, editors, and peer review could obtain the real-time status of the manuscript. A hard copy of the journal could be purchased by the system. Several other changes are informed in Journal History.