Jurnal AGRITEPA is a scientific communication media which is issued by Agribusiness Study Program and Agricultural Food Technology Study Program, Faculty of Agriculture, Universitas Dehasen in collaborations with Asosiasi Jurnal Pertanian Indonesia (AJPI). It's the contribution to the development of social science and Agricultural Economy in Agribusiness, Agricultural Food Technology field which is divided into the English Language which contains research results, literature review, field cases or concepts in the socio-economic field of agriculture and Agricultural Food Technology. Jurnal AGRITEPA , p-ISSN 2407-1315 and e-ISSN 2722-1881 in a year published twice year. Special editions in English can be issued required. The Jurnal AGRITEPA fits well for researchers and academics who are inheriting the results of research, scientific thought, and other original scientific ideas. Jurnal AGRITEPA publishes research papers, technical papers, conceptual papers, and case study reports. Jurnal AGRITEPA is dedicated to researchers and academics intent on publishing research, scientific thinking, and other original scientific ideas. The article published in the Jurnal AGRITEPA is the author's original work with a broad spectrum of topics covering Agricultural Food Technology, Agricultural and Resources Economics, Agribusiness Management, Rural Sociology, Agrarian Studies, Agribusiness Development, Agricultural Politics and Policies, Natural Resource and Environmental Technology and Management, as well as Agricultural and Rural Extension.