Program life skills dalam berwirausaha keterampilan menjahit di satuan pendidikan nonformal (SPNF) – Sanggar Kegiatan Belajar (SKB) Kabupaten Kaur

  • Nipriansyah Nipriansyah SPNF SKB Kabupaten Kaur
  • Hadiwinarto Hadiwinarto Universitas Dehasen Bengkulu
  • Edy Susanto Universitas Dehasen Bengkulu
Keywords: Life skils program, SPNF-SKB Kabupaten Kaur, Sewing skills


the goal of this study are to describe the life skills program in increasing the ability of Sewing Skills entrepreneurship. The research method used are qualitative descriptive. The technique of data collection used observation, interview and documentation. The subjects of the study are head of SPNF-SKB Kaur regency, educator and residents who learned in life skill program The result of this research shows the implementation of life skill program of sewing skills is well and through the planning stage, and stages of evaluation, there are some supporting factors and obstacle factors in the implementation of life skills program of sewing skills, then Benefits of life skills program of sewing skills can improve the ability of entrepreneurship sewing skills. Furthermore, the recommendation of life skill of sewing skills can improve the ability of entrepreneurship well.


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